The Wish-Fulfilling Power of The Cintamani Stone

The Cintamani stone is said to be a wish-fulfilling stone within Buddhism. One that can open the doors to wisdom and higher knowledge. This expansion of thinking and enlightenment of spirituality is necessary for growth, progress, and achievement. But before you try to harness the power of a Cintamani Stone to follow your dreams and fulfill your desires, it is important to first understand it.

What A Cintamani Stone ACTUALLY Is

Cintamani stones are generally made of saffordite. These widely varied stones of many shapes, sizes, and colors generally have a smooth and somewhat porous texture. It is a widely held belief that these stones have gained their metaphysical properties from their time in space and their long journey from the cosmos down to Earth. This makes them the perfect stones to utilize when trying to access knowledge far beyond yourself.

Mysticism/Spirituality Of The Cintamani Stone Within Buddhism

The sacred stone was said to be one of the items that were in a chest that fell from the sky to the Tibetan king, Lha Thothori Nyantsen. He used the stone, along with other items, to help bring Dharma to Tibet. Dharma has no direct English translation, but it means a general cosmic order. It is told in the Buddhist religion that a Cintamani stone, or “wishing jewel”, can manifest anything you desire. It is also said that it can help perform acts of compassion, such as healing the sick.

With higher learning and deeper understanding comes both compassion and success. Ancient Buddhists knew that it was important to have something to focus your energy on that would connect you to the great beyond. This connection is important to Buddhists because it brings the awakened enlightenment necessary to manifest inner desires. Knowing what you want is simple. Knowing how to get it requires a quest for something much deeper and more spiritual.