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The Conflict Caused by Spiritual Poverty Beliefs in Buddhism

Buddhism suggests that attachment to things brings inner turmoil and misery since all things on the earth are temporary.

That is why, in order to stay focused on spirituality and inner peace, many Buddhists assume that they must live a life of poverty since money is also fleeting. This contradicts the law of attraction though, which says that what we focus on the most is what we will manifest. And a person who focuses on poverty will never have enough money for all that they need to live comfortably and help others. So the resulting conflict of having to make a choice between one's duty to their chosen life of spirituality and their desire for a life of abundance often causes unnecessary distractions that result in a mental impasse that must be resolved in order to become refocused on inner peace. This can be done in the following ways:

Let Go of the Ego

Our ego drives us to think of only ourselves, which draws us away from our duty to help those in need. So it is essential that we forgive ourselves for acting in such a prideful manner and redirect our energies towards drawing money to ourselves for the purpose of using it to assist those in need.

Meditate Daily

Buddhists who meditate can more easily balance their desire to be financially wealthy with their longing for inner peace because their mind will be clear and free from distractions. In order for this to be effective though, it is important for meditation to be done two or three times daily.

Question the Reasons for your belief in poverty

It is important to analyze the reasons behind wanting more money and abundance. If they are for the purpose of bringing more joy and happiness into one's own personal life, as well as the lives of others, then there is nothing wrong with this. We do not have to needlessly suffer in order to have inner peace. However, any suffering that does occur is a part of life that must be accepted.

Remember That Money is Not Evil

Money itself is not inherently good or bad. It is just a tool that we use to trade for goods and services. So it is crucial that we do not treat it as any type of entity because that is where attachment issues can begin.