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The A Ah Sha Sa Ma Ha Mantra

The A Ah Sha Sa Ma Ha Mantra

Over time, people have learned to use Buddhism as an escape from the harsh feelings of what our world brings. Meditation and reciting mantras is a proven technique that has helped to soothe individuals' minds. People have testified and said that they accomplished their sense of freedom. Every Mantra has a different purpose that consists of different syllables. Each syllable has its own particular meaning that resonates with the mind and the universe in a way that creates pure feelings.  Enter the A Ah Sha Sa Ma Ha mantra.

The Power Of Buddism

This mantra is formulated to create the purity of existence within' our minds. It also exhibits the power of sound. While doing the mantra, it is best to envision the perception of everything having its own pure existence. This mantra is specifically used to deter people away from negative feelings. It also allows them to embrace the greatness of simplicity. For example, with every element that we experience, there is emptiness and simplicity. Some people may even refer to this concept as nothingness. Elements like smell, sound, and taste can all stand alone as their own individual beings within the universe.

A Further Look Into This Mantra

In this mantra, every syllable is specifically placed to indicate what every breath needs to be dedicated to. They should be recited individually while inhaling and exhaling. Here is a list of what every syllable represents.

  • Ah- Unborn existence, nothing has been born
  • A- The Syllable of nothingness.
  • Ha- The originality of elements, The sound of unaltered birth
  • Sha- No confusion, absolute completeness with no distractions
  • Sa- Untravelled levels
  • Ma - The last syllable of the mantra that brings you to nirvana (ultimate being, one with the Earth)

As you can see, each and every syllable has a very significant meaning. Each one is used to bring the mind to the proper level of peace. The more you study each syllable, the more your mind adapts to what they mean. Eventually, you will grow to develop your own perception of peace and Nirvana.

Emotions Of Suffering That Invade Our Minds

The A Ah Sha Sa Ma Ha Mantra is especially used to eliminate the concept of negative emotions. It is very important for you to understand these emotions and feelings as well. In the world of Buddhism, they are the enemies of our minds that keep us in bondage. Negative emotions consist of feelings like jealousy, hatred, bitterness, and other dualistic emotions of suffering. These emotions are not a part of reality. They are only ignited when our minds stray from the simplicity of existence.

While closing your eyes to recite this mantra, you will not see others. You are even encouraged to envision your existence without the concept of you and me. We are simply elements of Earth that function in harmony with everything else. When this concept of reality is applied, peace can be proclaimed to your new Earth, and negativity has no room for birth.

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