Third eye chakra symbol

Clearing the Third Eye Chakra: Open Your Mind & Body to Inner Wisdom

Considered the sixth chakra, the third eye is one of the most well-known in the system. It’s often referenced, but many do not fully understand its purpose and meaning. It comes by many names, like Dvidak Padma, Bhru Madhya, and Ajna, and is driven by imagination and openness. It is also the center for our foresight and intuition. Many believe that opening your third eye chakra can enable telepathy, clairvoyance, and lucid dreaming.

Clearing the Third Eye Chakra Step 1: Let Go of Competitive Behaviors & Feelings

Intuition is a big part of the third eye, and it’s non-competitive. Strong intuition does not do well in an environment that’s full of competition. Consider your situation and look for areas that could be creating a sense of competition. This could be at work, home, or through other activities. You must let feelings of competition go in order to open the third eye chakra.

Clearing the Third Eye Chakra Step 2: Connect with Inner-Knowledge to Overcome Pain

Depression, worry, over-thinking, and other negative feelings can close you off from your third eye. When you suffer a loss or pain, look inward to find wisdom and purpose. It’s ok to seek support from those around you. Use your inner-knowledge to find meaning and overcome pain. This will help you open your third eye chakra.

Clearing the Third Eye Chakra Step 3: Exercise Regularly to Decompress

Use a non-competitive form of exercise to stay healthy and decompress. Physical activity can alleviate emotional stress and tension so that you can think clearly. Good choices include Qigong, Tai Chi, or walking meditation.

Clearing the Third Eye Chakra Step 4: Chants, Meditation, & Affirmations

There are several simple things you can do to clear the sixth chakra. Daily meditation with visualizations is very helpful. You can also incorporate chants into your workout or as a general practice. Repeat affirmations related to your mind and imagination with statements like “My imagination is vivid and powerful” or “I am open to the wisdom within me.”

Clearing the Third Eye Chakra Step 5: Use Energy Healing

There are multiple ways you can use energy healing to open up chakras. If you prefer aromatherapy, consider using marjoram, sandalwood, clary sage, juniper, rosemary, or frankincense essential oils. If you prefer healing stones, you can remove negativity with quartz, moonstone, amethyst, purple fluorite, or lapis lazuli.