Solar Plexus Chakra symbol

Clearing the Solar Plexus: Bring More Yellow into Your Life

While imbalance can happen to other chakras, the solar plexus is the most commonly blocked chakra in the system. Also known as the Manipura in Sanskrit, this is the third chakra positioned near the naval. Those suffering from a blockage of the solar plexus may notice fatigue, laziness, overindulgence, and controlling behaviors. They may feel excessively competitive or intolerant and tend to overeat. What can you do to clear the solar plexus and rid yourself of these common health and behavioral problems?

Clearing the Solar Plexus Step 1: Eat Yellow Healing Foods

The solar plexus is associated with the color yellow. Add healing foods that feature yellow to your diet. Good choices include cheeses, yellow peppers, sunflower seeds, and bananas. Many of these are good for your body and can help your mind and spirit when clearing the solar plexus. You can also work in spices that promote clearing like chamomile, ginger, cumin, and mint.

Clearing the Solar Plexus Step 2: Practice Regular Meditation & Yellow Visualization

Visualization can be a powerful tool when clearing chakras. Spend time meditating on the image of a beautiful bright yellow sunflower blossom. Envision the flower right over your solar plexus. To enhance the effect, practice this method while applying healing stones to the area. Good stone choices include amber, citrine, tiger’s eye, or yellow tourmaline.

Clearing the Solar Plexus Step 3: Use Citrus Aromatherapy & Other Essential Oils

Essential oils have many uses. Begin aromatherapy with citrus oils like grapefruit or orange. Other oils can also help like mint, chamomile, cinnamon, cypress, cedarwood, black pepper, lemongrass, mandarin, rosemary, sandalwood, and juniper.

Clearing the Solar Plexus Step 4: Make Yoga a Part of Every Day

Yoga can have many benefits beyond clearing the solar plexus. It’s good for all chakras and can build physical strength and flexibility. Choose Asanas that emphasize core strength like Warrior Pose, Boat Pose, or Sun Salutation.

Clearing the Solar Plexus Step 5: Spend More Time in the Sun

Sun and fire are closely associated with the solar plexus. You can use this by enjoying more fresh air and sunshine. Consider practicing yoga outdoors or finding other moments throughout the day that you can enjoy outside. Sunbathing or a walk are great practices that can help you clear your solar plexus chakra.