Sacral chakra symbol

Clearing the Sacral Chakra: Balance Through Creativity, Expression, & Yoga

The sacral chakra is found about 3 inches below your naval on the front and along the lumbar vertebrae on the back. It is considered the second chakra and is connected to emotion. Its functions include relationships, sexuality, feeling both inner and outer worlds, creativity, and fantasies. It serves as our driving force for the enjoyment of life through our senses. That’s why it is so important to our wellbeing and happiness.

Sacral Chakra Clearing Step 1: Practice Yoga with a Focus on Hip-Opening Postures

To get the best results, plan to work through your yoga poses as soon as you wake up in the morning. Begin with traditional poses like Lotus Pose and Upward-Facing Dog Pose. Include poses that open the hip region to direct your efforts right at the sacral chakra. Stretch your hips and use a full range of motion, but also remember to hold a pose and focus on letting go.

Sacral Chakra Clearing Step 2: Use Expression and Creativity to Clear the Sacral Chakra

Apply personal expression and creativity to release feelings and clear your sacral chakra. A healthy approach is to write in a journal. This is a good place to pen your thoughts and frustrations, bringing them into the outer world and alleviating emotional tension within the mind and body.
Writing meditation is a helpful method. Sit down with paper, pencil, and a timer. Set the alarm for five minutes then begin writing non-stop. Keep writing for the full duration with no thinking or stopping to consider your words. Let them pour out onto paper in their raw form.

Sacral Chakra Clearing Step 3: Visualize the Color Orange

The sacral chakra’s color is orange. You can use this to bring balance to your emotions. Spend time visualizing orange. When doing so, imagine the color is glowing across your lower abdomen. If you have other problem areas, do the same for those regions as well. Mentally bathe your body in orange to relieve tension and balance your chakra.

Sacral Chakra Clearing Step 4: Do What You Love Regularly

Make sure you do something that you love each week. If you love to draw, plan a sketching session. If you’re a painter, have your materials ready to use. If you love to dance, then dance the night away! You can even dance while doing other things like sweeping or washing dishes.

Sacral Chakra Clearing Step 5: Learn the Art of Letting Go

Letting go is something most of us have to work on. We tend to carry a lot of emotional baggage with us, whether it was something we did or something someone did to us. Maybe it was an incident that was no one’s fault, but we still let it weigh on us. No matter the cause, learn to let go of negative feelings. That type of baggage puts our internal system into imbalance and makes it harder for us to find true happiness. Once you let go, everything else will begin to fall into place.