The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the seventh chakra, and its position is in the top section of your head. The crown chakra controls your body’s spirituality. When you have this chakra in balance, your other chakras will receive widespread energy. You will also feel linked to the universe. The chakra will physically affect your body through the pineal gland along with numerous areas of your nervous system.

The crown chakra is in control of the right side of your brain and when you meditate, you can bring balance to the chakra. The colors violet and white will help you balance the crown chakra, and its connecting musical note is B. The symbol associated with the chakra is information, and when you have the crown chakra in balance, you will feel optimistic. Also, your awareness of the world will increase.

Once you begin focusing your attention on the meanings and effects of the seven chakras, you can use the elements to align your body physically and mentally.