Buddhist Rituals To Balance Energy

There are several Buddhist rituals to balance energy that are easy to learn and appreciate, even for those who have little experience with such things. These are uncomplicated, and can be done in any quiet place, day or night.

The first key to balance energy is proper breathing. Notice that we typically breath through our chests, depending on the rib cage to draw air, while only using a fraction of our diaphragm. We only use our whole diagphram during cardiovascular exertion, breathing fully and deeply. This is an automatic sign of tension that needs to be relieved, a good reason to try breathing exercises. Lying flat on our backs and gently pushing the air out allows us to truly experience deep, healthy breathing that can restore balance during a stressful day. This can be done once a day, and also reminds us to check our breathing throughout the day at work, home, or school to make sure it is contributing to a healthy balance of energy.
A second important aspect for Buddhist rituals to balance energy is relaxation. When doing daily breathing exercises, it is important to find a safe, quiet place with no interruptions. Remember to breathe rhythmically with the diaphragm, and begin to relax the entire body, beginning with the toes and working up to the facial muscles. eyes, and even the tongue. Relax the mind by letting it wander where it will, without trying to solve problems or ticking of "to-do" lists. It may take some time to master this, but in the end, it will allow the body to truly relax, and restore balance to the mental and emotional state.

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Once breathing and relaxing become natural, there are several other exercises that can work to balance energy. Finger exercises, finding our "center" and inner stillness have wonderful benefits as well. Eventually we can even learn to enter into this state despite distractions and outside noises. Over time, it is possible to explore this state of being fully to achieve a feeling of contentment and peace.

Most seek to go deeper into this state with each meditative experience in order to achieve a more focused center and inner stillness. Buddhist rituals to balance energy are not so much exercies we do, but more a state we seek to attain in our daily lives amid the chaos and noise of modern society.

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